Uncovering Physics and Engineering Mysteries

The Equator Experiment

Imagine testing if a fan can move a boat and traveling 6,450 kilometers to the equator. Standing with one foot in each hemisphere, investigating the tourist attraction claiming water swirls differently on either side of the equator. Debunking the myth of water draining in opposite directions in northern and southern hemispheres like a toilet flush. The truth lies in the Coriolis force and the rotation of the Earth.

The Moon’s Orientation

Discovering how the Moon appears differently in the northern and southern hemispheres due to the Earth’s spherical shape. Explaining how Superman at the North Pole and Thor in Antarctica would see the Moon from their perspectives. Highlighting the fascinating concept of perspective and gravity’s influence on celestial bodies.

The Ellipse Experiment

Exploring the properties of an ellipse using pins, string, and a simple experiment. Demonstrating how light and sound waves behave in an elliptical room. Revealing the acoustic secrets of an elliptical chamber and the strategic positioning of John Quincy Adams’ office.

Forces in Motion

Delving into Newton’s laws to understand the dynamics of objects in motion. Explaining the behavior of objects inside a moving vehicle and the impact of air pressure on their movement. Demonstrating how altering mass affects an object’s ability to displace other objects, showcasing the significance of air density in different scenarios.

Wind and Sail

Experimenting with a fan-powered train to mimic the effect of wind on a sail. Examining the concept of propulsion and the interaction of air currents with sails. Unveiling the truth behind a viral video of a skateboarder propelled by a leaf blower and the role of hidden technology.

The Rope Around the Earth

Calculating the additional length of a rope needed to elevate it 30 cm above the Earth’s surface. Simplifying the mathematical explanation using basic algebra and geometric principles. Illustrating how a simple concept can lead to mind-boggling results and a deeper understanding of spatial dimensions.

The Hovering Backpack

Evaluating the claims of a Kickstarter project for a floating backpack reducing impact forces. Analyzing the physics behind the design and testing its practicality in different terrains. Exploring the pros and cons of innovative gear for outdoor enthusiasts.

Debunking Equator Myths

Untangling the truth behind water drainage and Coriolis force at the equator. Exposing the trickery of tourist attractions manipulating water flow to deceive visitors. Demonstrating how scientific principles override misconceptions and reveal the real magic of knowledge transfer.

The Magic of Learning

Promoting a thirst for knowledge and hands-on experience through CrunchLabs subscriptions. Encouraging interactive learning through monthly STEM toy deliveries and educational videos. Empowering young minds to explore the wonders of engineering and physics in a fun and engaging way.

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