Surviving in an Abandoned City: 7-Day Challenge

Exploring a Post-War Ghost Town

On a sunny day, we were dropped in the middle of an abandoned city where we would spend the next seven days. Our only way out was to survive. The city, once picturesque, had been devastated and deserted due to war. The only people here were our cameramen and us, or so we thought. Our first objective was to explore the city and find a safe place to shelter for the next week. This meant venturing into the buildings and discovering what secrets they held.

Creating a Refuge

After some exploration, we stumbled upon a place that could serve as our refuge. It offered a great view of the entire city, and we had a roof to protect us from the rain. With our camp established, the next step was to open the supply crate left by the helicopter on the roof. Inside, we found all the survival gear we would need for the week. It was a relief not to have to carry heavy bags up and down the stairs.

With our camp set up, we divided tasks. Some of us focused on making a fire, while others searched for suitable sleeping arrangements. We found old mattresses and even a vintage mattress. We made sure to wrap it in a tarp to protect ourselves from any creatures that might be lurking. As the night fell, we settled into our new home, excited about the adventures that awaited us.

Unexpected Encounters

During the night, we were awakened by the sound of breaking glass near our camp. It made us question whether we were truly alone in the city. The next morning, we set out to investigate the noise and discovered that someone or something had been lurking around our camp. It added an element of mystery and unease to our already challenging situation.

Searching for a Better Campsite

Despite the unsettling encounters, we remained determined to make the most of our time in the abandoned city. We embarked on a quest to find a better campsite, one that offered more protection from the elements. We explored various buildings, stumbling upon unexpected surprises like a swimming pool turned into a football field. The city had its own unique charm, even in its dilapidated state.

Building a Comfortable Home

Once we found a suitable location, we set out to renovate and transform it into a comfortable home. We scavenged for furniture, finding a shelf, a table, and even a metal contraption. With some creativity and resourcefulness, we managed to create a cozy living space within the ruins. We added a fireplace for warmth and hung a tarp to block any drafts. Our campsite slowly turned into a place where we could thrive, rather than just survive.

Fun and Games

As the days went by, we decided to have some fun and embrace the unique opportunity we had been given. We played sports, kayaked in the pool, and even had a makeshift TV. Our activities provided a much-needed break from the desolation of the city and reminded us of the importance of laughter and camaraderie in challenging times.

Reflecting on the Journey

As our time in the abandoned city came to an end, we reflected on the incredible journey we had experienced. We had faced the unknown, overcome obstacles, and created a sense of home in the midst of ruins. We had learned to appreciate the small joys and found strength in our teamwork.

The challenge had pushed us to our limits, but it had also taught us valuable lessons about resilience and adaptability. We were grateful for the opportunity to explore this forgotten city and emerge stronger from the experience.

Although we were relieved to leave the abandoned city behind, we knew that our memories of the adventure would stay with us forever. It was a testament to the power of the human spirit and the ability to find beauty and connection even in the most unexpected and desolate places.


Surviving in an abandoned city for seven days was no easy feat. We faced challenges, encountered mysterious encounters, and transformed a forsaken place into a livable sanctuary. The experience taught us about resilience, teamwork, and the importance of finding joy and laughter even in the most challenging situations.

Our adventure in the abandoned city was a reminder that even in the face of adversity, we can find strength, create meaning, and build connections. It was a journey that pushed us to our limits and ultimately helped us discover our own capacity for survival.

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