Kul Tiran Druid Forms: A Guide to Unlocking and Using Them

Kul Tirans are the latest allied race in World of Warcraft, introduced in the Battle for Azeroth expansion. Known for their seafaring ways, Kul Tirans have a unique affinity with nature that allows them to become druids. Unlike other druidic races, however, Kul Tirans have unique druid forms that set them apart. In this guide, we’ll walk you through how to unlock and use Kul Tiran druid forms.

Unlocking Kul Tiran Druid Forms To unlock Kul Tiran forms, you must first create a Kul Tiran character and level it to level 20. Once you’ve reached this level, you can begin the questline to unlock the forms.

The questline starts in Boralus, the main city of Kul Tirans. You’ll receive a quest called “A Better Kul Tiran Form,” which will lead you to speak with the druid trainer in the city. The trainer will then give you a series of quests that will require you to travel to different zones and complete various objectives.

The first quest will ask you to collect 1000 gold. Once you have the gold, you’ll be asked to visit the Shrine of the Storm dungeon and defeat the boss, Aqu’sirr. After that, you’ll be asked to collect a series of items from Kul Tiran zones. The items are as follows:

  • Briarwood Reed (Drustvar)
  • Flourishing Starseed (Tiragarde Sound)
  • Aromatic Pollenator (Stormsong Valley)
  • Abyssal Conch (Shrine of the Storm)

Once you’ve collected all the items, you’ll be asked to return to the druid trainer in Boralus. The trainer will then instruct you to travel to the Emerald Dreamway and speak with the archdruid. This will trigger a cutscene, and you’ll receive your first Kul Tiran druid form.

Kul Tiran Druid Forms A Guide to Unlocking and Using Them

Using Kul Tiran Forms are unique in that they are themed around different sea creatures. The first form you’ll receive is the sea lion form, which replaces the traditional bear form. Other forms include:

  • Form of the Dolphin (replaces travel form)
  • Form of the Shark (replaces cat form)
  • Form of the Heron (replaces flight form)

To use a Kul Tiran druid form, simply click on the druid shapeshift button and select the form you want to use. You can also set up macros to make it easier to switch between forms quickly.

It’s worth noting that Kul Tiran druid forms do not change based on your specialization. This means that regardless of whether you’re playing as a balance, feral, guardian, or restoration druid, your forms will remain the same.

Players of World of Warcraft who are interested in playing as Kul Tiran druids now have a complete guide on how to unlock and use their unique forms. By following the questline and completing various objectives, players can unlock Kul Tiran forms that are themed around sea creatures like sea lions, dolphins, sharks, and herons. Once unlocked, players can easily switch between these forms by clicking on the druid shapeshift button or setting up macros. With their affinity for nature and the sea, Kul Tirans are an interesting addition to the druidic races of World of Warcraft, and their unique forms make them stand out even more.

Kul Tiran Druid Forms A Guide to Unlocking and Using Them

Additionally, Kul Tiran forms are not just cosmetic changes. Each form comes with its own unique abilities that can be useful in combat and exploration. For example, the Form of the Shark allows you to swim faster and breathe underwater, while the Form of the Heron increases your movement speed while flying.

Using Kul Tiran forms can also be a fun way to roleplay and immerse yourself in the game world. You can imagine yourself as a powerful sea creature while exploring the ocean, or as a graceful bird soaring through the skies.

Finally, it’s worth noting that while Kul Tiran forms are unique to this allied race, other druidic races also have unique forms. Night elves, for example, have forms that are themed around different types of cats, while tauren have forms that are themed around different types of bulls.

Overall, unlocking and using Kul Tiran forms is a fun and rewarding experience for players who love druidic gameplay and want to stand out in the game world.

In conclusion, Kul Tiran druid forms are a unique addition to World of Warcraft that allows players to show off their affinity for the sea. While unlocking the forms requires some effort, it’s definitely worth it for the cool new forms you’ll get to use.

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