Fun and Delicious Bars Near United Center

For those looking for a fun and delicious experience near the United Center in Chicago, Illinois, this blog post is for you! Whether you’re heading to a game or just exploring the area, this article will provide all the necessary info to make your visit to the bars near united center memorable. From discovering the rich history of the stadium and grabbing pre-game eats to finding post-game activities and getting there with ease, we’ve got it all covered. Keep reading to learn more about how to make your United Center experience one filled with fun and delicious bars!

History of the United Center

The United Center in Chicago, Illinois has a long and storied history of hosting some of the biggest sporting events in the world. In 1994, it opened its doors to become the home of both the NBA’s Chicago Bulls and NHL’s Chicago Blackhawks. Since then, it has seen its fair share of great moments, including Michael Jordan’s final game with the Bulls in 1998 and the Blackhawks’ victory over the Boston Bruins in Game 6 of the 2013 Stanley Cup Final. The United Center also hosted President Barack Obama’s farewell address in 2017.

In addition to these monumental events, the United Center continues to be a host for a variety of other sporting events such as the NBA Finals, Stanley Cup Finals, WWE WrestleMania, and more. With such an impressive lineup of sports entertainment on offer, it’s no surprise that visitors from all over come to experience what this iconic venue has to offer.

For those looking for even more excitement near the United Center, there are plenty of options available. From grabbing pre-game eats at nearby bars and restaurants to exploring after-game activities like visiting Museum Campus or catching your favorite team’s post-game press conference – there is something for everyone! And don’t forget about transportation options; getting around is easy with public transportation stops located just outside the stadium walls or parking lots nearby for those who prefer driving themselves.

No matter how you choose to make your way around town during your visit to the United Center, one thing is certain: an unforgettable time awaits! With an exciting mix of historic sports moments as well as fantastic food and entertainment options nearby – you won’t want to miss out on what this amazing venue has to offer!

The Best Sports Bars in the Area

The United Center in Chicago is surrounded by a variety of sports bars and restaurants, providing visitors with plenty of options to enjoy a bite before or after the game. Whether you’re looking for classic pub food, Italian fare, Mexican cuisine, or something else entirely, there’s sure to be something on the menu for everyone. Here are some of the most popular bars near united center:

Gibson’s Bar & Steakhouse is a classic American steakhouse offering prime steaks and chops as well as fresh seafood dishes. The restaurant also offers an extensive wine list and craft beer selection. On game days they offer special discounts and deals, making it an ideal spot to enjoy dinner before heading over to the stadium.

For those looking for something a bit more casual, Floyd’s Pub has been serving up pub favorites since 1992. Their menu features classic comfort foods like burgers, wings, sandwiches and pizzas alongside craft beers on tap. Visitors can also take advantage of their outdoor patio seating area which has several TVs for watching the game.

If you’re seeking out Mexican food then La Pasadita should be your go-to spot. This taqueria specializes in tacos but also offers burritos, enchiladas and even vegan options like tofu tacos or veggie burritos. Plus they have all kinds of salsas that range from mild to fiery hot!

If you’re looking for something with an Italian flair then head over to Trattoria Isabella where they serve up delicious thin-crust pizzas topped with classic Italian ingredients like sausage, pepperoni and mushrooms as well as homemade pastas such as lasagna bolognese or pappardelle al ragu di carne. For added entertainment there are pool tables and dart boards too!

Pre-Game Eats

Planning your pre-game eats for the next game at the United Center is easy to do with a list of nearby restaurants that offer great specials and discounts. Gibson’s Bar & Steakhouse is a classic American steakhouse located conveniently across from the stadium. Here, you can enjoy prime steaks and chops plus craft beers in an outdoor patio seating area. Floyd’s Pub offers pub favorites such as burgers and wings, pool tables, dart boards, and live music on some nights. La Pasadita is a Mexican taqueria serving up tacos, burritos and quesadillas with authentic Mexican flavor. And Trattoria Isabella has Italian pizzas and pastas cooked in an inviting atmosphere with outdoor dining options available during warmer months.

Getting to each restaurant from the stadium can be done quickly by taking public transportation or parking lots nearby. Best of all, these restaurants all offer great deals like discounted appetizers or drink specials so you can save money while enjoying your meal before the big game! With this list of nearby restaurants ready for your pre-game eats, you don’t have to worry about finding something delicious before heading into the United Center for another exciting matchup!

After-Game Activities

After the game is over, there are plenty of exciting after-game activities near the United Center stadium to explore. Whether you’re looking for a bite to eat and drinks at local bars and restaurants, exploring the nearby Museum Campus for some interesting and educational activities, or even taking a stroll down the Riverwalk to take in all of the sights and sounds, there is something to do for everyone.

For those looking for something more competitive, they can always head over to the local bowling alley. Strike up a friendly competition with your friends or family as you battle it out on the lanes. Enjoy some good food and drinks while you wait your turn or cheer your team on! For those who want some fresh air and relaxation afterward, bars near united center there are plenty of parks in the area where they can take a leisurely stroll. Relax by one of Chicago’s many lakes or ponds surrounded by lush greenery and spectacular views.

In conclusion, for those who prefer a more unique experience post-game, options like Private Dining Experiences at Gibsons Bar & Steakhouse offer an exclusive evening filled with quality food, cocktails, and entertainment that you won’t find anywhere else, and bars near united center. Or check out Floyd’s Pub for live music performances from talented local acts every night of the week. There is no shortage of fun after-game activities near the United Center stadium!

Whether it be grabbing dinner with friends before heading off to watch their favorite team play, exploring museum exhibits after-game, or just going for a peaceful walk through one of Chicago’s parks – visitors will never run out of things to do when visiting the United Center stadium in Chicago.

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