The Ranked Meme Olympics: A Journey of Stupid Challenges and Unreal Fortnite Lobbies


Welcome to the thrilling world of the Ranked Meme Olympics! In this blog post, we will take you through an epic journey filled with stupid challenges and intense Fortnite battles. Join Mccreamy, Lan, and myself as we compete in the sweatiest unreal lobbies, all in pursuit of victory and a coveted spot on the wall. Let the games begin!

Challenge 1: Dressed as Chickens, Hunt for Peter Griffin

Every meme Olympics must have its fair share of challenges, and what better way to kick things off than with a quest to find Peter Griffin? The twist? We must be dressed as chickens! With the intense competition heating up, the race is on to be the first to locate Peter Griffin and claim victory. As we navigate through the unreal lobby, tensions rise and the hunt intensifies. Who will be the first to spot him?

Challenge 2: The Not Moving Challenge

In our quest for dominance, we decided to take on the “Not Moving Challenge”. As soon as we land, we are forbidden from moving. We must imitate Mccreamy’s iconic challenge and stay put. With default skins and no weapons, the stakes are high. The item shop beckons with tempting offers, but we remain steadfast in our determination to conquer this challenge. Will our patience pay off, or will we be forced to make a move?

Challenge 3: Medallion Madness

The bot accounts come into play as we dive into the Medallion Madness challenge. Unreal lobbies prove to be unforgiving, making it nearly impossible to collect medallions. But we soldier on, determined to prove our mettle. With fierce competition and a race against time, we strive to gather as many medallions as possible. Who will come out on top in this high-stakes battle for supremacy?

Challenge 4: Hide and Survive

For the final challenge of the Ranked Meme Olympics, we venture into the sweatiest of Fortnite lobbies, armed with a unique strategy – hiding and surviving. Our goal is simple: outlast the competition and secure the longest survival time. As the tension builds and the number of players dwindles, the pressure is on. Who will emerge as the ultimate hiding champion?


The Ranked Meme Olympics was an unforgettable journey filled with laughter, intensity, and a whole lot of chicken costumes. From hunting Peter Griffin to surviving in unreal lobbies, we pushed ourselves to the limit and came out stronger. The photo on the wall may be a symbol of victory, but the memories we created will last a lifetime. Until the next Meme Olympics, stay tuned for more epic challenges and thrilling adventures!

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