The Pink Opaque: A TV Show That Feels More Real Than Real Life

Remembering “The Pink Opaque”

I know this might sound crazy. I don’t wanna alarm you. Do you remember a TV show we used to watch together? It was called… “The Pink Opaque”? Yeah. Do you watch? Each episode, they help each other fight a new monster from across the county. But it’s way too scary for most kids.

Harnessing Shared Powers

If we’re gonna defeat ’em this time, we’re gonna need to harness the full potential of our shared powers. Sometimes “The Pink Opaque” feels more real than real life.

Discovering Identity

Maddy, it was a TV show. Are you sure that’s all it was? I like girls. You know that right? Totally. That’s fine. What about you? Do you like girls? I think that I like TV shows. (chuckles)

Seeking Destiny

It’s our destiny. How can I have a destiny? Something is wrong. This isn’t how life is supposed to feel. Tell me you know it’s true. Maddy, it, it’s just the suburbs. Seems like you’re always somewhere else lately.

The Mysterious Disappearance

Maddy disappeared without a trace. All they found was her TV set burning in the backyard. I told myself I made the right choice. What if I really was someone else very far away on the other side of the television screen?

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