ELDEN RING Shadow of the Erdtree:The Terrifying Power of Love


Love has the power to purify the hearts of humanity, but it can also be terrifying. In this secluded place, blood must be shed. The blood of your fellow believers in the World-Tree. They were no saints, but they simply had the misfortune of losing the war.

The Noble Light

Mother, would you truly grant nobility to one devoid of all light? I imagine that you too, desire to know what the benevolent Miquella is up to here. All those rejected by the golden grace will face their destiny. In the embrace of Messmer’s flame. Come, touch the withered arm and venture into the realm of shadows. I will follow in your footsteps. May our paths cross again.


Love, as a force of purity, can have both profound and terrifying effects. In this secluded place, the faithful of the World-Tree must spill blood, paying the price for their actions. Miquella, the supposed benefactor, holds the power to grant nobility to those without light, but her true intentions remain mysterious. Those rejected by the golden grace will face their destiny, engulfed in the flame of Messmer. As we embark on this dark journey, touching the withered arm and stepping into the realm of shadows, we can only hope that our paths will cross once more.

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