翔 順 機車 托運 價格 表 A Comprehensive Guide

翔 順 機車 托運 價格 表 enthusiasts and collectors often find themselves on the lookout for new and used bikes, and Xiang Shun motorcycles have emerged as a popular choice. Whether you’re buying or selling, understanding the consignment price list is crucial. This detailed guide aims to provide all the necessary information regarding the Xiang Shun motorcycle consignment price list.

Understanding Xiang Shun Motorcycles

Xiang Shun motorcycles are renowned for their robust build, innovative designs, and affordability. The brand offers a range of motorcycles, from scooters to high-performance bikes, catering to various needs and preferences. These motorcycles have gained a reputation for reliability and cost-effectiveness, making them a popular choice among both new riders and seasoned bikers.

What is Consignment

Consignment is a process where a seller (the consignor) entrusts their goods to a third party (the consignee) to sell on their behalf. In the context of motorcycles, consignment involves placing your motorcycle with a dealership or a consignment shop, which then sells the bike for you. The dealer earns a commission from the sale, while you get the proceeds minus this commission.

Factors Influencing Consignment Prices

Several factors influence the consignment prices of Xiang Shun motorcycles:

  1. Model and Year: Newer models generally fetch higher prices. Limited editions or discontinued models may also have higher value due to their rarity.
  2. Condition: The motorcycle’s condition, including mileage, maintenance history, and any modifications, significantly impacts its price.
  3. Market Demand: Popular models and those in high demand will typically have higher consignment prices.
  4. Seasonality: The time of year can affect prices, with certain seasons being more favorable for selling motorcycles.

翔 順 機車 托運 價格 表Overview

Entry-Level Models

Xiang Shun XS50:

  • New: $1,200 – $1,500
  • Used: $700 – $1,000

Xiang Shun XS125:

  • New: $2,000 – $2,500
  • Used: $1,200 – $1,800

Mid-Range Models

Xiang Shun XR250:

  • New: $3,500 – $4,000
  • Used: $2,500 – $3,000

Xiang Shun XR500:

  • New: $5,000 – $5,500
  • Used: $3,800 – $4,500

High-Performance Models

Xiang Shun XP750:

  • New: $8,000 – $9,000
  • Used: $6,000 – $7,000

Xiang Shun XP1000:

  • New: $10,000 – $12,000
  • Used: $8,000 – $9,500

Specialty and Limited Edition Models

Xiang Shun XL2000 (Limited Edition):

  • New: $15,000 – $18,000
  • Used: $12,000 – $14,000

Xiang Shun XC Classic (Retro Design):

  • New: $9,000 – $10,000
  • Used: $7,000 – $8,500

How to Prepare Your Xiang Shun Motorcycle for Consignment

Cleaning and Maintenance

Before consigning your motorcycle, ensure it is thoroughly cleaned and in good working order. Address any maintenance issues, such as changing the oil, checking the brakes, and ensuring the tires are in good condition. A well-maintained bike will attract higher offers.


Gather all relevant documentation, including the title, maintenance records, and any receipts for modifications or repairs. Having a complete paper trail can increase buyer confidence and potentially the selling price.

Pricing Strategy

Research current market prices for similar models and set a realistic price. It’s important to be competitive but also to ensure you’re getting a fair return. Consulting with the consignment dealer can provide insights into optimal pricing.

Choosing the Right Consignment Dealer

Reputation and Experience

Choose a dealer with a good reputation view and extensive experience in motorcycle consignment. Check reviews and ask for recommendations from fellow riders.

Commission Rates

Understand the dealer’s commission rates, which typically range from 10% to 15% of the sale price. Ensure that the rate is clearly outlined in the consignment agreement.

Marketing and Exposure

A good consignment dealer will actively market your motorcycle through various channels, including online listings, social media, and in-store displays. This maximizes exposure and increases the likelihood of a sale.

Benefits of Consigning Your Xiang Shun Motorcycle


Consigning your motorcycle saves you the hassle of dealing with potential buyers, negotiating prices, and handling paperwork. The dealer takes care of these aspects, allowing you to focus on other matters.

Professional Marketing

Dealers have the resources and expertise to market your motorcycle effectively, reaching a larger audience than you might on your own.

Secure Transactions

Dealers handle the financial transactions, ensuring that you receive your payment promptly and securely once the bike is sold.

Potential Drawbacks

Commission Costs

The main drawback is the commission fee, which reduces the overall amount you receive from the sale. However, many sellers find that the convenience and professional handling outweigh this cost.

Waiting Time

Depending on the market demand and the condition of your motorcycle, it may take some time to sell. Be prepared for a potentially lengthy waiting period.

Final Thoughts

Understanding the 翔 順 機車 托運 價格 表 and the consignment process can help you make informed decisions whether you’re buying or selling. By preparing your motorcycle properly, choosing the right dealer, and setting a realistic price, you can maximize your return and ensure a smooth transaction. Xiang Shun motorcycles offer a range of options to suit different needs, and with the right approach, consigning can be a rewarding experience.

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